Dr. Martens Presents: SASSY 009


«The young electronic artist Sunniva Lindgård, better known as SASSY 009, was born in Stockholm, but later moved to Oslo, where she was brought up in a musical family. She grew up playing a lot of different instruments like the violin, cello, bass, flute and piano.

In high school Sunniva moved on to music production and song-writing after losing patience with learning how to read sheet music. Her musical past can still be heard in her music, though – with the flute being one of the prevalent sounds combined with dark electronic beats sprinkled with her mellow, and often times, sweet and poppy voice.

We sat down with SASSY 009 for a chat about music and her creative process.

What do you hope people take away from your performances?
The amazing thing about music is that it’s possible to create all of these different rooms other people can walk into, and maybe they will see reality a little different after they’ve entered it.
Who did you see at your first music concert? Where was it? How old were you?
My first concert experience was in Stockholm, at Konserthuset Stockholm. My mom and dad played in the orchestra there, and I was there with some of my friends from kindergarten
How would you describe your creative process?
A friend of mine once said that any form of creative work is a constant process of pushing down walls, again and again. I can really relate to this, and to me, my creative process has become more a state of mind than a process itself. It feels like being in a mindset of constant, dynamic resistance.
What are you most excited about in your music right now?
Even though I’m still very young, I’m fascinated by how much I’ve grown in the past two years. I think my music is a good reflection of that, and it feels very good to know that I’m still getting to know myself. I’m always very excited about pushing my own creative buttons frequently, and to dig deep into my musical landscape.


What’s your best musical memory from the last year?

A concert that made a huge impression on me last year was Yves Tumor’s concert at by:larm in Oslo. It has burned itself into my memory, and it left me with several existential questions about myself, society and my own creative work.
Tell us about your first pair of Doc’s
My first pair of docs were the classic black, soft leather boots. I went to high school with sports as my main course, and I remember I felt like such a rebel wearing my Doc’s. This was also around the time I started making music.»
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